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I had surgery for brain aneurysm 4 months ago. I don' have any memories for about a week after surgery. What is the answer for that? I can't believe that I don't remember my family coming to visit, the nursing care......nothing. I was in hospital for 3 weeks.

Marilyn L Canfield

I had a similar experience... I was admitted to the hospital for a left
meastectomy ...found myself in a car one evening driving..and found out i had been admitted to a hospital for surgery..which i didn't remember going into the hospital, being in the hospital, being dismissed although my daughter said i spoke to the nurses etc.. Still have no memory but did have some hallucinations of seeing people in my apt that werent' there after I got home. I think it was the anesthesia but can't prove hole in my life.. I had approved and new I had a cancerous tumor to be removed. Why the black out? No one has an anxplanation.I'M 81.

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