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The more we know (or tell each other and outselves we know), the more we know we don't know.

There are lots of "interesting" findings when it comes to MCI. Each of them is definitive (until somone replicates them sort of and sees, finds, and identifies different findings). Way down at the end of the page, a long way from the headlings shouting about new findings, break-throughs, and valuable discoveries comes a disclaimer that further research needs to be conducted to figure out why this discovery contradicts or fails to support some other fact, claim or discovery.

Then there is a claim that these findings present new paths for drug companies to explore in their never ending quest for a pill to cure something for which there is no conseses that it even exists.

What's going on here? Ten years from now will my kids look back on these reports and shake their heads in disbelief? I already am!

Sometimes I see a benefit in drifting away from reality as defined by the Alzheimer's Empire and into my own shifting and fuzzy reality: insulated from journal articles on MCI, pleas for funds from research organizations who are "leading" the way (how many of them can actually be leading all at the same time) in the quest for a cure, and the politics of bench vs. psycho social research.

This escapist thought passes through my mind just sometimes, but the more I read, hear and talk about research the more times it creeps up on me.


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