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What a great list of resources! Thanks for sharing these. I've added a link to this in an Alzheimer's discussion on WEGO Health so other Health Activists can come here and check them out.

Be Well,

caregiver ca

Wow it’s a very good and helpful for me.

Family Resource Network

Hi, i work for the Family Resource Network in Brick, New Jersey. We are a non profit organization supporting those with developmental disabilities and their family with resources.

We are having a National Caregivers Conference on October 26th, 2010 in iselin, NJ. Please check our website out to attend and for more information:

If interested, please post this on your blogs so we can spread the word! Thank you!


I have just begun this blog about my mother who was diagnosed with Dementia three years ago. I am documenting events which have happened over the past three years with her, and would like to share them with others who are dealing with parents or loved ones with Dementia.


I adore your blog, and I'd respectfully love to add mine to the list! Thanks! (Mine is specific to caregiving involving dementia.)

The Dopamine Diaries

Denise Graab

Thanks for the opportunity to share more caregiving blogs!

Here are four from

Dear Family Advisor, by Carol O'Dell:

Older Patients, Wiser Care, by Leslie Kernisan, M.D.:

Self Caring, by Paula Spencer:

Tech-Savvy Daughter, by Katy Thomas PhD:

Jeff Norris

My wife has a blog that deals with the effects our multigenerational household.

Moving In With Dementia
By Rev. Katie Norris

Rev. Katie Norris

I have started blogging about what it is like for our multigenerational household, ages 6-73, to live with my mom's dementia. If you check out the blog and feel it would be a good addition here and helpful to others, please add it to your list.

This is a great resource and I have found new blogs to follow. -Thanks

Rev. Katie


I'd like to suggest my blog. My husband was diagnosed with MCI in December 2009, but that was changed to Lewy-Body in February 2011. I am 50 and my husband is 56, and together we have a son who is a high school freshman. I'd love for people to follow my blog on where I blog as G-J.

ScottandLisa DuVal

i am a caregiver for my grandmother (and others, i write about those experiences and also quote things my grandmother says. it's irreverent and different but i have been getting some positive feedback. the address is


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