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My father is noticing that my mother is forgetting things. Unfortunately instead of taking on some of the responsibility for keeping track of appts. and other dates, he makes her feel stupid when she does forget. This stresses her more and makes her concentration worse. She used to have the memory of an elephant. If she is sliding into dementia, my brother and I will have to find a way to control my father and save face for my mother.


I came across your site while searching for information on my Dad's condition, Lewy Body Dementia. Thank you for a very well conceived and informative site. If you'd like to add to your above list, I have a blog about my family's journey with LBD,

Thank you,

mom's brain blog

Hi-I just began a blog as well - an online journal of caregiving for my mother. I would be pleased to be listed on your site.
Many thanks.


I'm not sure how I found you but I love the blog list and can't wait to start reading. My mother, whom I refer to as Chrissie, has the dreaded Alzheimer's. I am her primary caregiver and blog about such. Thanks for listing the blog address


mariah kissel

This is great. So easy to find everything im looking for. I have added it to my blog roll at I would love to be added to your list. Thanks for your site. Mariah Kissel

Jo Kemp

Wonderful list of topics. You are making a difference.

Rachel Johnson

I am so grateful to have found your site. I am struggling to care for my mother who has Alzheimer's as well as spreading cancer. There's another site I have visited that should be on your list of blogs, Mia at Midlife (
It's a grief and caregiving blog by a woman who spent three years taking care of her mother with emphysema and dementia and who had uphill struggles because of her father's dementia. Thank you for your site and your helpful list of lists.

Virginia Wenzel

I am a professional caregiver, and now a caregiver at home. New to blogging, but it is helping me redefine my life, and learn from my own experiences. I named my blog findingbeautyinbrokenglass on googles blogspot. Finding beauty in our own experiences is often difficult to do. I hope by blogging I will create a journal for my own growth and discovery. I also would like to share it with others in my professional experience. I want to thank the creaters of this blog it has been helpful to gain insight both personally for my family, and professionally as a caregiver. Working as a nurse in Re-hab I will have many to teach and share with.

Donna Webb

Just found your site, already added it to my caregiving favorites. I am fulltime caregiver for my 95 year old mom who is in the last stages of dementia. I have been blogging about our experiences since 2006 and I would be pleased to share them with all of you through my link to my blog1 Donna

María Bertoni, from Argentina

"Mal de Alzheimer (spanish)" has been migrated to Would you please update its link?
Thanks in advance and happy new year. :)

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