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carol a hunt

do you have any readings that discuss how head trauma can exaccerbate symptoms of dementia? Please provide article or bibliography for my search. I am a RN and medical case manager with such a case. Thank you. C. Hunt,
5077 Palomar Dr. Flint, Mi. 48507

Mona Johnson

Hi Carol,
Of course, I'm not a medical expert, but here is a piece I wrote about head injuries:

You may have already done this, but you could contact the Brain Injury Association of America ( to see if they could help.

Hope this is helpful…


Dianne Catoe

Is there help with stiffness of the joints for Lewy Body. MY husband has Lewy body was what the doctor said it could be.

Mona Johnson

Hi Dianne,

I'm not a medical expert, and so can't answer your question. The Lewy Body Dementia Assocation ( might be able to help you out, though - they are a great source of information.

Good luck,



Is there a way to physically diagnose LBD?

Mona Johnson

Hi Claudia,

I've written about diagnosis in part 2 of this series - hope that's helpful. The best source of information is the Lewy Body Dementia Association ( - I'm sure they can answer your question in detail.

Take care,


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