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March 07, 2011


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Richard Taylor

Hello, some folks complain while others act. Some folks act (busy) but don't take any personal risks. Judy Berry Acted and Risked her life savings, community reputation, and future in favor of creating LakeView Ranch.

I've been there and witnessed the impact she has on her staff and those they all serve. What they do is amazing. How they do it is amazing. How it impacts them and all they serve is amazing.

Thanks Judy.


Great to hear about this amazing place, though sad to hear about their financial struggles when they're a much needed model for the future.

Thank you.

Bradley H Hoke

To me this article holds the key to proper patient management. No Doctor can see someone once or twice, have them subtract from a hundred in sevens, draw a clock showing four fifteen, etc., then draw acurate conclusions about their mental state. In my opinion if all physicians followed Judy's practice of obtaining and studying a thorough patient biography FIRST, there would be many less misdiagnoses.

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