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August 02, 2010


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Mary Ann

This is great news. The medical model as it is today doesn't serve my Mom well with the dementia she has. This new way of thinking sounds promising.


This article speaks loudly for a need not being met. The need? The plight of those of us with Alzheimer's Disease (AD)particularly those of us in the Early Stage whose quality of life could be enhanced which would in turn produce a huge savings for the community.

So much is concentrated on raising money for the cure so little for treating those already with that which is sought to be cured.

This article speaks of one of far too few who would redirect the effort in the field of AD and address a real problem lost in the dust by the "Race for the Cure"

Nice reporting Tangled Neuron, nice work Ken Kosik. You are on the money!


What a wonderful article! Thanks.

We would all be so much healthier if more of the research money in many fields went to prevention and not just cure.

Lifestyle changes can help prevent memory loss as well as many diseases. I hope Dr. Kosik can spread his idea of prevention to other memory and aging centers.

Jay Smith

It's gratifying to learn of Dr. Kosik's new cognitive shop. I echo my fellow traveler Mike Donohue's comments of two weeks ago. Like Mike, I've been living and preaching the value of lifestyle approaches to dealing with AD since my diagnosis five years ago. It was truly a shameful disservice that the recent report of that NIH panel of "experts" did to the cause in the name of "hard science." I think the NIH should mount a major effort to undo the damage done by their report, and correct to record based on the huge evidence supporting the value of exercise, healthy nutrition, stress reduction, social interaction, and mental exercise. And there is so much more that needs to be done in the area of support for people living with MCI and early Alzheimer's through support groups and other community services. Dr. Kosik's shop is truly a breakthrough - the tip of the iceberg, and the wave of the future - for dealing with Alzheimer's. There's so much we can do to prevent this disease through healthy lifestyle choices. And there are a lot of lifestyle changes that people like me and Mike can adopt, when we find we have Alzheimer's disease, that allow us to continue living our lives with joy and fulfillment for many years after diagnosis. Kudos to Dr. Kosik for his pioneering work.

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