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July 13, 2010


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Richard Taylor

Hello, and thank you again for adding logic and reasoning to the grains of truth that are being discovered about how the brain works. Its as if not two grains of truth touch each other, so we use words to make the connections until we get to the claim of a treatment/pill to cure/reverse/slow down alzheimer's disease.

Unfortunately researchers (not this one) seem ready to quickly add their own words to fill in the blanks around their grain of truth discovery. And most all these grains of truth come from brains of nude mice!


Danny George

“Alzheimer’s is a complicated disease in which different pathological processes are occurring at the same time. Therefore, I think a combined treatment would be more effective than just treating a single pathological hallmark."

It feels like the field is slowly (tectonically) shifting to this stance. Multiple pathologies would indicate the need for multiple therapies, right? Unfortunately, the whole research funding world is predicated on single pathways/proteins. These structural barriers are tough to overcome

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