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May 12, 2010


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Chiropractic Saint Paul

Nice its really good information Thank you


Omega 3 is known as a help for treating depression- and helps the body in lots of other things- as my grandmother used to say, "It couldn't hurt."


It happens often. There is evidence that certain foods give a desirable effect, but extracts of key parts of those foods do not by themselves give the desirable effect.

Too bad there's no way to make big profits selling healthy diets.

Danny George

Great reporting, Mona, and Don, good point above. The problem is that reductionism has extended into our culinary habits, so we now think about the nutrients in food rather than food itself (Michael Pollan calls this "nutritionism". We also give insufficient attention to lifelong patterns of eating, which are much more meaningful predictors of our health than isolated supplementation, though are admittedly challenging to study.

Fish oil failures in RCTs are no different than failures in antioxidant studies on beta carotene, vitamin A,C,E, etc, and it makes you question whether we should be throwing so much money at such trials when common sense gives us a much better answer (ie. yes, humans have eaten fish for hundreds of thousands of years and therefore fish is preferable to cheeseburgers and processed foods!).

As for Dr Quinn saying "there's not much of a downside", that may be true but it's important to remember fish oil supplements can cause bleeding in some people, and can become contaminated by mercury, PCBs and other water borne toxins that leach into the skin of fish.


I believe it will help and helps many other systems anyway- this did not test an appropriate group.

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