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April 26, 2010


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Danny George

Mona - this is fantastic reporting, thanks for the summary

Dave Sheehan

I second Danny George, this was truly superb reporting and a breath of fresh air amid the "smoke" of hype anddisinformation!

richard taylor


I too second Danny's nomination of you for the person most likely to go to heaven for the work, clarity, objectivity, and demonstration of passion to the concept of bringing objectivity to reporting information about dementia award, 2010. You also deserved it in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, but for sure you will get the award and the $100,000 this year.

Your noneditorial manner of reporting the mostly huffing and puffing of folks talking about their own research, their own jobs, their own hopes and wishes is much need. You seem to be able to listen to them shout and then report what they said without the loudness. You let others decide for themselves the truth of their words and claims without even whispering your own beliefs between their words....this is a much needed skill/gift/ability of yours - and is the reason I rise to re-second your nomination for the 2010 go directly to heaven at a time and place of your choice award trophy/card/and cash award.



Mona Johnson

Wow, Richard, thanks! I'll start practicing my acceptance speech for that award now!

I think you would have enjoyed Hugh Hendrie's presentation - I'll look to see if it's available for replay.

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