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January 03, 2010


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Danny George

Hey Mona, thanks for this excellent interview - it really underscores the plural nature of "AD". Speaking about AD in more scientifically-precise terms -- as a heterogeneous condition related -- will be much more helpful in the long-run than simply fixating on plaques and tangles.

Mike Donohue

Mona, So much more is needed to be understood about the interaction on the brain produced by the mixed cocktail of AD, Stroke, along with adding Hi Blood pressure to that mix.

Is it AD, or Stroke, or Lewy's body, picks, generic frontal lobe, other lobe, whatever? At the top of the heap one sees dementia!

With dementia comes the need for help and treatment. Classification considerations are important but secondary. Treatment, medication, prognosis all vary with what it may be classified to be if it can be classified.

Bottom line still reads dementia.

Mike Donohue


I'm quite pelesad with the information in this one. TY!

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