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October 07, 2009


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Hey it's really nice to read this interview as I am a great fan of John Zeisel. Thanks for sharing.

Don Moyer

That last sentence is exactly correct. As persons got through through their adventures with memory challenges their nows change but their nows continue to have meaning. I do believe that "meaning" becomes more important than memories of facts as memory challenges increase.

Danny George

thanks for this interview Mona - I'm a fan of the work Zeisel does.

His sentiment that an AD diagnosis is not a death sentence is well aligned with the main thematic thread of The Myth of Alzheimer's. I really believe the major "breakthroughs" will occur when we better learn how to engage aging persons in meaningful and purposeful activities in the flow of our culture. That takes creativity (and compassion) on our behalf. Glad Zeisel is showing how art can be one psychosocial avenue to accomplish the greater goals of inclusion and solidarity.


Thanks for this great interview. Would really like to meet Zeisel in person. Read his book and have recently attended the screening of a new 2009 documentary on arts & Alzehimers which features an extensive interview with Zeisel. The film is called "I Remember Better When I Paint" - it shows how AD patients build better quality of life through the arts, and how it opens up communication channels for caregivers and families - a wonderful, inspiring film. Film is available via Amazon.

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