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June 17, 2009


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I hope this product isn't just some attempt to make money off people's search for Alzheimer's help.


I found Axona too expensive I may eat coconut and take Lipitor and save some money.

Karen Hampton

My Mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, if this drug would help her in anyway it would be well worth every dime we spend on it. I just pray that it will help her.

Maritza Serrano-Cadahia RN

This discovering is definitely a step in the right direction but way too expensive!!! Especially for the elderly already living on a limited income and Medicare does not cover the cost. Any possibility the insurance companies may consider to pay if research continues showing favorable results? In reality, if anything works to improve brain function.....the long term care cost would reduced tremendously. Thanks!

Chris Dietz

My wife's doctor will not give her a prescription for Axona. Period. Any body have any suggestions on how to get a prescription?

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