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April 07, 2009


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I completely agree that there is still a person in there. Another book that I found very insightful is "Inside_Alzheimer's How to Hear and Honor Connections with a Person who has Dementia" by Nancy Pearce.

Gail Rae Hudson

Thumbs up on this one, Mona, but, of course, I'm sure you aren't surprised at my reaction. This post reminds me of an article published about a month ago in NYT that dramatizes advantages to not only those who have memory loss but to their loved ones, as well. The article is here:
Notice that it was published in the "Fashion & Style" section...interesting, huh!
I'm not sure if you have to register to read the article or not, but, in case you do, I'll send you a copy of it. It's been quite popular, I notice. Several internet sites, including newspapers, have referred to it, linked to it, printed truncated copies of it, etc. Just the fact that it is making the rounds shows, I think, that it
Thought your readers might find it interesting.

Kim McRae

Great article... Yes, we must respect our friends who are living with dementia! And teach those caring for them to be respectful as well. My friend Richard Taylor has written a book that will change people's minds... He was diagnosed with probable Alz. when he was 58. Hearing him speak about "What it feels like" to have Alz. is transformative. His book is: Alzheimer's from the Inside Out. His website is www.richardtaylorphd.com

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