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January 06, 2009


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Don Moyer

These two reports book-ending the importance of exercise for our aging brains raise some interesting questions.

The first report suggests the importance of exercise to keep the level of our brain glucose from getting too low to cause memory challenges.

The second report suggests the importance of exercise to keep the level of our brain glucose from getting too high to cause memory challenges.

These book ends show for me how devilishly easy it is to get our brains haywire.

And, they, along with much other evidence showing the importance of exercise for our aging brains, raise some questions:

Why aren't there major programs promoting and aiding exercise for geezers?

Is it less costly to treat the consequences of memory challenges?

Or, is it that the big profits and big contributions to politicians come from treating the consequences?

Gail Rae Hudson

I had to comment on this. Probably because I was my mother's alter ego, it was ALWAYS apparent to me, before stabbing her fingers for a BG reading, when her blood glucose was high; it had been apparent since 1999. Somewhere in my journals I describe the effect as though my mother's brain was syrup logged.
As well, when my mother's lung tumor began stealing glucose to the point of us having to keep her blood sugar up by making sure she ate nightly desserts, when her glucose dropped precipitously all she wanted to do was sleep. However, when her BG was too high it didn't affect her ability to stay awake, it just threw her brain askew.
Although I'm unclear about what the research shows regarding permanent memory loss from high blood glucose levels, I do know that bringing my mother's blood glucose down from the heights by any means possible corresponded with a noticeable intellectual boost; and bringing it up from the depths corresponded with more physical energy.

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