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December 24, 2008


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Patty McNally Doherty


I am delighted to see you posting videos. Not only is it great to see you, it's also nice to hear your voice. A lot of what and how we communicate with posts gets lost without visual cues from the author. You have such a gentle way of speaking, so calm and reassuring that I will take my copy of The Myth of Alzheimer's off the shelf and give it another try.

At first, I found it sad, imaging a book called The Myth of Polio, or The Myth of Cancer. But if there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's to keep an open mind when it comes to science, research and the quest for knowledge.

Thanks for the reminder, hope you will post more videos in the future.


Gail Rae Hudson

What a delight to watch you on this video and hear your voice! In the three minutes it took to watch this video, I found myself wanting to sit across from you and have a conversation with you! Delightful idea, delightful execution! Bravo!


Wow.. so much i'd like to say. What you are doing now is in honor and memory of your Dad, I know. My husband and I now have two small homey carehomes in honor and memory of my mother in law after our experience with her AD. Laypersons seem to be best able to understand that this disease really can't be understood on a grandios basis. It is an individual disease, each person acts different, sure there are some basic challenges, many that may come with aging;dementia, AD, aside.. but what keeps each individual happy, stimulated, and comfortable is people like you.. love, compassion, understanding and an occassional good cry are what will get us all through. meeting people that have shared the situation is most valuable. Godspeed!

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