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December 14, 2008


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David Thomas

Hi. I have Lewy Body Dementia. Balance and gait problems are definitely part of the process. I have to do some daily exercises everyday which basically has me standing on one leg at a time while being near a sturdy object in case I fall. It has definitely helped.

David Thomas MD

Gail Rae Hudson

Well, I'm looking forward to part 2 of this one. Looking back, I think my mother's first signs of her vascular dementia were balance related. I can remember that before she began evolving certain curious financial assumptions, like, for instance, that if she paid off her minimum balance she had paid off her credit cards (which was definitely NOT an understanding that was typical for her), she was showing signs of being less spry on her feet. It took some years, though, for her to become so foot-iffy that it impaired her desire to go places and do things. Initially, she just walked a bit more slowly and carefully and I began keeping a sharp eye on her.
I can't recall, in any of her appointments, that she was ever formally assessed for balance, but, knowing her Mesa PCP, he probably informally made and noted observations.

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