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July 21, 2008


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Gail Rae Hudson

I'm sure you must have known, I couldn't resist, Mona! My Not Ready for Prime Time Diagnosis is 70! I can remember the mistakes I made...i.e., on the second one where you press every time you see the number on the right side of the screen repeated, I automatically pressed the right arrow key BEFORE ANY NUMBERS APPEARED IN THE CENTER OF THE SCREEN! Not only that, but on the Yes/No test through the first two I reversed the order of the keys and pressed the opposite keys for the responses. Accidentally reversing right and left is something I have been doing since, I imagine, before I can remember!
So, let's see...my brain age "is" 70. What does that mean? I'm taking care of my mother, who will be 91 this Saturday. With any luck, I'm 20 years ahead of her, and that'll do for my purposes!
My primary purpose in taking the test was to see whether it would be appropriate for my mother, but I don't think so. Her problem wouldn't be with responding to the screen, it would be with the method of responding, since she's not familiar with computer keyboards and arrow keys. I can imagine her attention wandering as, frankly, I wanted to allow my attention to wander through the test. I remember thinking, with each series, "Is this series ever going to end???"
I'm going to take some illicit pleasure in imagining that my mother's score would be lower than mine. There's something satisfying to me in fantasizing that I'm taking care of someone who is more mentally "fit" than me!
Thanks, Mona! Fun!

Richard Taylor

More real world proof, it's not you (us), it's them. They have build a house/world of cards based upon assumptions about how and why the brain operates this way or that, how and why alzheimer's impacts it, what and how dementia impacts all brains.

Many of/most all of their assumptions, upon which they build a sound house/test are simply unproven. The fact that when they produce produce rusults which are clearly counter intutitive to the real world doesn't seem to disuade them from moving deeper and deeper into their own self created world of how best to measure us.

It's amazing to me and I have dementia probably of the alzheimer's type. Is it me, or the disease, or them?


P.S. joining typekey and getting this to work was hard! I hope I haven't posted this six or 8 times. RT

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