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July 28, 2008


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Don Moyer

I've been lucky to have discussed these things with Michael since he first started on this path and I do think that his take is correct. See:

Gail Rae Hudson

Yes, I'm catching up with you, Mona. Suddenly, last night, I missed your journal.
Intriguing article, here, especially considering that I often love my mother's dementia and how my perceptions respond to it. I think two sections in the article say it all:
1. "The dread associated with memory loss will diminish if we remember that our identities live in our relationships and not in our neurons." To which I would add: Neurons in a society that demands a narrow understanding of what personal value to one's society is.
2. "I'm more comfortable trying to understand the science than I am talking about identity, emotional connections and religion. But to move towards a fuller understanding of Alzheimer's and dementia, we need to have talks like this with people like Michael Verde." To which I would add: It would be folly to deny the value of either scientific or sociological/psychological/spiritual understanding of dementia in favor of the other. Both are absolutely necessary, I think, and will only expand our appreciation of the "other" perspective.
REALLY thoughtful post.

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