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June 16, 2008


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I would really love to have someone email me on what I should do & especially who you recommend I see.
I had 3 major surgeries from complications a year ago. I have not been the same since, I have memory, cognitive issues, stumbling speech, get mixed up all the time. I was doing great on multi tasking , not now its a horrible day day world i live in now, so much struggling just to get through it. I have seen 2 neurologist , neither one understand or feels they can help me they say its stress get rid of the stress and i will do better, but its not that easy, im so frustrated I know with everything is something is wrong & off, I was not like this before my surgeries. Please help me you can email me at tragfamily@comcast.net ..... i am very private but am willing to share my email for help.. blessings to all who suffer as I do~

Mrs. Mullins

My husband had a second surgery recently to fix a previous shoulder replacement surgery he had....After this recent surgery he was in the recovery room and did not know who he was, where he was, who I was (his wife of 25 years)or anything about his life!! Now almost 2 months later, he still does not know alot about his past...He is okay re current memories, but not about the past ! My husband was fine before the surgery. This is something that I strongly believe occurredbecause of the anesthesia drugs that were used and some toxicity..Now I can't believe a neurologist from UofM is labeling this as a "psychogenic" problem. Noting he go to counseling for psychiatric problems that is blocking his memory. I mentioned POCD being a possibility and he was quick to say "it was not that" !! There is a Dr. Zhongcong Xie in Massachusetts that is doing research on Anesthetics & cognitive memory loss. This research is in the new stages, but he is a anesthesiologist & knows there is a link between possible anesthetics used & cognitive impairment...I talked with him & he said he has a number of people calling him re this same issue as he has an article on the internet re same. It just amazes me how this neurologist is so quick to dismiss you and label it as a psychiatric problem !! If anyone out there has experienced this I would greatly appreciate your input and any avenues you have taken towards this.....
Sincerely - Thank you...


I can't believe how many people have the same problem my father has. He's 85 and had emergency surgery last July for an obstructed bowel. He was not responding to meds so they did a long surgery on him. For 3 days afterward he hallucinated, saw trees dancing, saw his long dead father in front of him, thought plants were growing out of his IV pole etc. He needed help to eat and I bought him kefir drinks to get some protein in him. He finally came out of it and he has had short term memory loss and PTSD from WWII ever since. He can't drive because he doesnt know where he is. He was a bit forgetful before but a strong man. Now he is a shell of what he was. It's awful. He can hold a conversation but can't remember that he asks the same question over and over.


I have had about 10 surgeries since 2004, with two lasting more than six hours. All were related to GI issues. Before that I time I had never had a surgery and near perfect memory recall for both short term and long term events.

Since the first surgery I have had a general inability to form sentences when speaking and remembering important facts and events. This has been a major handicap since I work in sales and speak publically. At first I attributed this to a temporary side effect and later to old age.

I am now convinced that it is a side effect of anesthesia.


I had ACL and Meniscus surgery 4 months ago and ever since I cannot recall the names of things. I can describe them to you, for instance I will see the bike, but only be able to tell you it has two wheels, you peddle it,etc., but not know what it is called. My mother says this is common after surgery, is that true?

P tibbitts

I had a complete shoulder replacement a few months ago. At the airport my meds were stolen which one was a benzo (for muscles) and a z-med for sleep. I decided to no go back on them. Went into major withdrawls but refused to take them. Now, I have alot of memory loss. I can't remember the surgery and prior to it I remember things but they are hazy. I have questioned if it was from surgery or withdrawls from the meds. I want me back.


I have gone under anesthesia 10 times in 3 months. The last surgery they ended up having to remove my kidney and I was under for quite a while. Since my last surgery which was 8 weeks ago...I have experienced memory loss. I can be told something and forget it immediately. I also can not concentrate..or I can think of something and speak it wrong. Also if I read outloud I slur my words or can't speak the words right. I am returning to work on Tuesday, and it worries me this will affect my work. I am a lab manager and I train people and run our clinic, how can I preform my job when I can't function at home? WILL I EVER GET BETTER? OR IS THIS PERMANENT? I am getting so frusterated. Everyone says I had Brain surgery not Kidney removal. I am also worried, since my mother passed away 4 years ago from a brain tumor. Please help!

linda lee

i recently had a colonscope precedure, had it done before and was find. this time they used a quicker anesthia, suppose to work faster and you wake up faster. I hallucinated and had short term memory loss


Hi I had a colonoscopy about 3 months ago I had propofol I am 64 and in good health. I found that my short term memory was terrible could not remember what I had just read or what someone had just said. It is getting better and spoke with the Doctor about it and he said that any anesthetic can do this... As I had a good memory and could find words quite easily in the memory bank it is really rather slow and scary... Do hope it comes back... Think I might explore acupuncture in the future...


My mom had hip and knee replacement surgery two yrs ago and her short term memory is almost gone her long term memory is intact I believe it is from the anesthesia Is there any way a lay person like myself can find out more about this link between anesthesia and memory loss?

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