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May 25, 2008


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I was curious about ibuprofen and memory loss, I am a 42 yrs old female, since I was a child I would consider myself as having pretty good memory, as a business owner I would say I could addressed a bunch of our customers by first and last name, but progressively I realized I wasn't able to do it anymore, or when having conversations I could not remember peoples names, places names I have visited before, or specific names that I was referring to in a conversation. It was pretty scary, I was trying to figure out why this was happening, finally my conclusion was maybe "the blessed advil that I take for any pain" is causing it (take in consideration that I have never been prescribed with any kind of medication). I used to carry a bottle of advil in my purse, take it whenever I had a slight headache, or pms cramps, or muscle pain after jogging, etc. Finally I have stop taking it and seems that my memory is slowly improving.

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