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April 27, 2008


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Gail Rae Hudson

Whoa, Mona! Thanks for the link to the Religious Orders Study. I've been looking for information like this. I've wondered, for some time, how emphasis on spirituality in one's life may or may not affect the possibility of developing dementia.
Aside from that, the subject of depression as it may (or may not) be related to dementia intrigues me, primarily because my father, who was a life long depressive and a hard core alcoholic for most of his life, actually wished that he would develop dementia...I think he wished this because it would give him an "excuse". He never did; however, he died at the age of 68 (complications of alcoholism). No idea if he would have developed it had he lived longer. None of his immediate relatives are reported to have developed dementia but, as well, all but one died in their late 50's through 60's.

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