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February 01, 2008


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Joseph Potocny

I find no offensiveness in this book or its' title. My physc and phsycologist dicussed this a numer of years ago as they came to the conclusion that I was probably and confirmed suffering with AD and via Pet SCAN FTD. I have felt that AD is a panacia name for several different types of dementia or brain aging if you will. Kind of like the doctor telling you that you have the FLU. Next time ask him which one, there are over 200 viruses that cause the flu with similiar systoms. Personally I feel it will be well into the future 2300s if at all, if they are able to discover the true causes of and different types of dementia, let alone cure them. I live my life and make no appologies for what is happening, it is just my turn. I run my blog for those on the other side so they can see Our World and get a small glimpse of how it is for us. Many folks disagree with me and that is ok, but all the research backs up my conclusions that they do not know where the heck they are going. One study says this and another shoots it down. Hell even the manufacturers of the medications developed to possibly aid us, say chances are they will not work, or only for a short time if at all. I respect Don and Jenny greatly and applaud the courage they have to post this. Cannot deal with the word MYTH get over it and go on with your life. MY Neurologist one of the two top in San Diego Area and the State, told me to dump the meds and enjoy the rest of my time as it comes and forget doctors, except for broken legs and the like. So that is what I have done. For me things are moving a little faster, but I still sing (like a cow giving birth), laugh, enjoy my friends and family. What more do I need in my life, the God does not give me.

God Bless You and Yours!
Joseph Potocny

Ruth Whalen, MLT (ASCP)

A descendant of the Tuatha, the Men of Science who were human gods, a medical professional and survivor of bogus medical theories created by atheist profiteers, I know that there's no such thing as Alzheimer's, mental illness, Parkinson's disease, ADHD, and many other named disorders. There is, however, a severe shortage of organic chemistry knowledge and metaphysics in the medical profession.
Ethically, Ruth

Robert Rubin

If "The Myth of Alzheimer's" were a call to spend more and focus more on care of AD victims, that would be one thing.

But it is more than that: It claims that a cure for AD will never be found unless we find a cure for aging itself. Does that really make sense? Because a pathologicsl process increases in frequency as one gets older does not make it part of normsl aging.

Heart disease and cancer increase in incidence as one ages; so should we call heart disease "heart aging" and cancer "tissue aging"? Do brains really age by being destroyed?

Mr. George now admits that young-onset AD is a disease. I think that is because it can hardly be called "brain aging" if one develops it in one's forties. He goes on to falsely state that all such cases are due to genetic defects. That has not been established. Some cases have been traced to defects that are genetically bases, but not all such cases can be so explained.

And if young-onset AD is admitted by the co-author to be a disease, why isn't the same disease acknowledged to exist in the older victims? Rather arbitrary.

The other problem with the book is it's unsupported attacks on the American Alzheimer's Association and on drug companies and dedicated scientists working to find a cure.

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