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February 17, 2008


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Gail Rae Hudson

Whoa! Thanks! Excellent summary!
Funding, of course, is a problem, but as I read this a parallel track in my brain was thinking, "Look how far we've come in cyber research in such a short time, primarily due to two factors: the glamor of the industry and its suitability to our current capitalistic economic system. Although I'd like to see capitalism overthrown, immediately and globally, this isn't practical (yet). However, it is practical and possible that medical research and, as well, the practice of medicine can be glamorized, and, by the way, universalized so that the ordinary smart person can imagine herself becoming a medical researcher without too much trouble (economic and partisan trouble) and discovering 'the next big avenue' in medicine."
The problem of money and medicine, right now, is, I think, a problem of thinking that medicine is somehow rarefied and only certain types of people stand the O2 level, thus, have any kind of a contribution to make; usually people whose families have money. Once this assumption was abandoned by the cyber industry, well, look what we're walking around with now. I wonder if the same assumption is what is holding up medical progress.
Just a thought...

Richard Taylor

I just came across this. You are a living treasure for folks wrestling with the diagnosis of Dementia,and the associated symptoms of probably of this or that type, and their loved ones.\

Thank you, again, and again, and again.


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