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January 29, 2008


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My mom has vascular dementia, and she is in her last stage now.She is 79 yrs; old and was diagnosed about 4 yrs; ago. She has been having symptoms of Dementia in her mid sixties eventhough we didn't realize it. She started painting in her sixties (visual arts), and her paintings are unbelievably beautiful.Once she won 1st prize for one of her paintings at an art exibition.What confuses her children and her husband was, her creative talent.She had never done any painting before, and even if she tried to draw a picture it was awfully ugly. But after reading your article now I can understand why she could paint then.She started writing essays(her memory lane)and poems, most of them related to her life, and now she can't even hold a pen.I wish there is some miracle that will help my mom to remember things.

Gail Rae Hudson

This piece, and the comment, makes me smile. My mother isn't particularly graphically creative, but as I think about it, her creativity with words, especially oral twists and turns, the ones she means to make (and, she doesn't make any she doesn't mean to make, yet) has increased and is delightful. In this area, she actually keeps me on my toes.
As well, she has lost much of her fear of contemplating the absurd. That's a part of creativity, as well.

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