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October 30, 2007


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Patty McNally Doherty

How incredibly, brilliantly awesome.


By all accounts the LA conference was a breakthrough event and special thanks are due to Rich Bozanich and Jay Smith for this. This major breakthrough comes on the heels of smaller steps over the last several years. Shortly after he started work as the new CEO of the Alzheimer's Association, Harry Johns got a petition signed by many persons living with AD asking that they be more involved in the work of the association. He responded quickly and formed an Early Stage Advisory Group which first met a few months later. Harry was surprised that the members of this group were young. He responded to that also and the association has focused much on early onset AD. Thanks to the work of Harry and the association, AD awareness in the media has increased greatly. Now the LA conference has made the point - reported widely - that those of us who live AD can and do speak and act for ourselves. Many have helped to get us here. Now we who live it should all jump on this bandwagon quickly and loudly and finally take ownership of AD.

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