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July 17, 2007


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Carole Mulliken

Your overview of Dr. Tanzi's area of research interest is the clearest explanation of biochemistry this non-chemist has ever heard. I love biology, but it has always disappointed me that when I dig deeper and deeper, inevitably biology "degenerates" into chemistry. This is one time that I read with interest and understanding how the chemistry behind this form of dementia can be pursued. Good for you, Tangled Neuron!


Gail Rae Hudson

1. I'm very pleased to learn about the Genetic Information Nondisclosure Act and am going to click into that link as soon as I'm done.
2. It occurs to me, as a result of what you've written, that this underlines the necessity of autopsies on those who are demented at death, an area sadly neglected. Perhaps we should, as a society, consider the possibility of adding this option on one's driver's license/state ID card, as we now add organ donation.

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