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June 24, 2007


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Gail Rae Hudson

I just read my first caregiver book, about which I've recently been writing over at my site. I'd been avoiding the genre; this one slipped through my radar serendipitously.
I'm intrigued by your description of this book. In response to your last paragraph; through this book and some other unusually vivid caregiving experiences to which I've been privy, I'm finding that the sense of peace seems to be a universal phenomenon, whether the caregiving stint is "easy" (as mine would probably be considered) "medium-hard" (such as Carol O'Dell's) or "unbelieveably hard" (such as SunshineShady's). It has surprised and pleased me to discover this. I don't know, Mona, there's something about being called to compassion that brings things into focus. I think I'll look this book up (after I catch up with myself).

Gail Rae Hudson

Just wanted to let you know, I'm in the process of reading this book. I continue to find it intriguing, have already written a little, and been inspired to write a little more, about and by this book. Maybe it's because I'm unfamiliar with all but the early literature. Maybe it's because I guess you could say I'm part of the informal literature, which is important. But this book is melting away my resistance to caregiver literature. Is it me, I wonder, or is this book precisely right in it's presentation as well as it's appearance.

When I surveyed Amazon for "caregiver" + "elderly", I noticed a fair number of books written by people who have worked in the elder care industry. I've made a mental note to look up some of those books, too.

Thus, I regret to say, I haven't yet caught up with you, Mona...I still haven't read the post about chlamydia, about which I'm very curious. I'm afraid it will distract me from the reading I'm doing, now. But, I'll get to it, I promise!

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