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April 26, 2007


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Judy M.

My mother in law has alzheimers....does that mean my husband has a greater chance of getting the disease too???

Mona Johnson


Researchers have discovered three genetic variations that cause early onset familial Alzheimer's, but those variations are fairly rare. While it does appear that having a parent with Alzheimer's increases your chances of developing the disease, there's no agreement on how much it increases your risk, or on the role of environmental factors vs. genes. You can see an overview of Alzheimer's genetics and one researcher's opinion at http://www.tangledneuron.info/the_tangled_neuron/2007/07/dr-rudolph-tanz.html. See also http://www.tangledneuron.info/the_tangled_neuron/2007/05/i_dont_know_why.html.

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