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March 31, 2007


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Gail Rae Hudson

Wow! What a presentation! Wish I'd seen it! I'm sooo familiar with the extraordinary juggling act required by the companion to keep a Demented One feeling as though they continue to have charge of their life while the companion uber-manages it! At some point, with my mother, she simply switched to believing that she was doing it all (which she still believes) even as I do it all. This actually makes my job easier. It required several near disasters, of the financial, automobile and personal care and medical types, until she and I worked ourselves into the right arrangement, though.

I LOVE the title of the last book you mention, "The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer's Care". I just clicked into the link and read the brief summary of the book. This appellation, Mona, "best friends", is exactly what has happened between my mother and me; and is exactly what helps me deal with the all the attendant frustration, etc. Although the summary didn't mention this, surprisingly, the "best friend" approach works both ways...she operates as my best friend, too. I'm sure most people wouldn't guess that reciprocity with a Demented One is possible. When the word "care" becomes important, somehow, we forget about reciprocity.

I'm so glad someone addressed this, and you're bringing it to the attention of your readers, Mona. It not only works for Alzheimer's it works for all types of dementia. It is probably workable for lots of other relationships in which one of the participants needs intense care. Instead of being the caregiver, be the caring friend. Absolutely!

Mary Emma Allen

I enjoyed this article very much. Very informative.

Darryl White

After reading recent on line comments from Richard Taylor and remarks about his book, Richard Taylor – “Alzheimer's from the Inside Out:”
I am encouraged to obtain a copy at my local library if it is available.
EOAB 07-08

Rhonda Fletcher

I just had the priviledge of attending a Seminar where Richard Taylor was a presenter. What an amazing man who keep the audience riveted on his every word. Very insightful and I too had a large lump in my throat at times. Everyone should have the pleasure of meeting and hearing this gentleman.

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