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February 28, 2007


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Gail Rae Hudson

Funny, Mona, but high cholesterol is an issue that has touched off concern regarding my mother. A few year before I came to live with her, she was put on Pravocol by a previous physician. Within months after this, research surfaced that indicated that for people in her age group who have lived with fairly high cholesterol throughout their lives, the drugs not only didn't increase life span, those off the drugs lived longer than those on the drugs. So, she was taken off cholesterol medication. At that time, though, there wasn't any interest in the effect of heart disease on the development of dementia.
Now, there is. At my mother's last appointment her cholesterol registered rather high. Her physician, though, decided not to treat it and, in discussion with me, explained that, considering her CRF, the recorded effect of cholesterol medications on CRF, and her stability regarding her dementia and other ailments, he felt it best, at this point, not to add anything else to the soup. I agreed with him.
I think the hardest diagnostic, prognostic and treatment decisions to make are those involving stable cases of Dementia-Lite. Still, though, we're mucking around, aren't we, with all types of dementia? I sometimes consider that once we've figured out how to alleviate and/or cure those causes of dementia that we now suspect, others will crop up.
Weird, weird, weird.
This series is especially interesting to me, Mona. Can't wait for the next section!

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