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February 15, 2007


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That's rough. Ulcerative colitis, that is. Painful both for the victim and for those who love him.

I had to make the same decision about research, in regards to my father and his cardiac problems. The doctors were always wanting to "try this ... or this"; I looked them up and gave him the results. Once, I even wrote the doctor because he was insisting on a treatment that looked worse than the disease process and Dad was weakening. (Later, a specialist backed me up.)

Result: Dad survived long enough to care for Mom with her Alzheimer's and die 3 years later, at 91. Of cancer, not the heart disease that the doctors were so worried about.

So my take on it is: do the research. Pass on the info to your brother. Let him make the decisions. Only he knows what risks he wants to take.

Gail Rae Hudson

Isn't cyclosporine also the drug used after organ transplants in an effort to prevent rejection? Not that this means anything...but I vaguely remember its mention through my brother-in-law who is a transplant liaison/social worker. If it's the one of which I'm thinking, yeah, it's a little like playing Russian Roulette with a BB gun and should be used only when absolutely necessary.

The more research I do on my mother's behalf and the more decisions I find myself making about possible treatments for her, the more aware I become of others doing the same things. It is a maddening process...but very necessary, I think, if we are going to pull Medicine back down to Earth where it belongs (rather than allowing it to remain in The Realm of the Gods, where it's been for far too long).

I agree with Susannah. I've been in her position.

I agree with you. I've been in your position.

I agree with Donald Rumsfeld. I haven't been in his position but, you know, I've been in his position.

Ai, yi, yi, Mona. How did we get here? And, how are we going to get out?

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