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December 16, 2006


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Gail Rae Hudson

Wow! I'm flabbergasted! Excellent series! Much to think about! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mona!

Patty Doherty

Alzheimer's is compounded by inaccurate information, insufficient funding and incompetent care. It's the perfect breeding ground for silver bullet thinking. THIS will solve the problem. THIS will make it all go away. THIS is IT! And who better to buy in than those who are desperate for answers.

We are going to be dealing with the mess of Alzheimer's for a long long time. We can describe it up one side and down the other but until someone figures out how the disease actually functions, we're shoveling against the tide. Until someone demands accurate up-to-date information, our nation will continue to be fed a watered down pablum of Alzheimer's care costs! And until someone confronts the nursing home industry on its awful record, defying corporate greed, we will continue to lament the poor pityful state of Alzheimer's disease and the families that suffer through it.

One hundred years ago, Alzheimer's was first "discovered". We still can't even get an accurate diagnosis! How many kinds of Alzheimer's are we talking about? How many people have the disease? Four million? Impossible. The number MUST be higher than that. The population is aging at a faster rate than the information is updated on major commercial Alzheimer's websites. And we tolerate that!

Nothing changes if nothing changes. We can write about it all we want but sometimes words are just that - so much ink on paper. And we get what we get - a pat on the head. There must be something missing from the national dialog. I think it might be the truth. And the anger that truth releases.

Your blog is an attempt to find truth. What tremendous effort it must have taken on your part to bring together your latest series of posts. You are a virtual clearinghouse of current, intelligent thinking on the subject of Alzheimer's. Thank you from the bottom of my hear, the top of my mind and the corner of my eye.



Wow, this is so thought provoking! You're right that we don't hear the kinds of things said on your blog in other places. I'm really grateful that you put this information out there.

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