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October 11, 2006


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Gail Rae Hudson

Mona, with every hard data article you publish, I become more astonished at the amount and quality of research going on, the thoughtfulness of those engaged in the research, the harrowing contradictions involved in this research and, most importantly, THE LACK OF FUNDING AVAILABLE!
What I feel is that the final aspect, the capitalized aspect (pun intended and absolutely appropriate) points to the fact that our economic system is beginning to break down. Bad timing, of course, especially for medical research, but, maybe, just maybe, this formulating crisis will finally gnaw at the asses of our foremost economists and they will begin to understand that continuing to try to fix an economic system based on "enlightened self-interest" isn't the answer: Changing the foundation of the economic system to one of "enlightened community interest" and rethinking what we assume to be our species' primary motivating factors would help.
In the meantime, regarding private funding, has anyone thought to give Bill Gates and Warren Buffet a call???

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