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September 08, 2006


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Gail Rae Hudson

Very good "Part 2" post, Mona! I like this way this sums everything up while providing yet more indepth information. Good series.

Deb Peterson

I'll never forget our first visits to the neuropsychologist, who claimed she couldn't see any sign of depression in my mother. I almost fell off my chair. I suspected that I might be in some denial about the dementia, but I KNEW in no uncertain terms that she was depressed, too. So reading this piece was very enlightening, Mona. My mother is now being treated for depression and it does make a difference. Another reason it might be hard to detect in many AD sufferers, I think, is because they are part of a generation that was not encouraged to "let it all hang out." Both of my parents have always had their shoulders to the grindstone, in more ways than one.

Excellent points about coordinating patient and caregiver need, too.


Wow, this really scares me. I suffer from depression....Many of the residents at my mom's "memory care" facility seem to have some signs of depression, but a lot of Alzheimer's symptoms go along with depression symptoms - sleep disturbances, being confused ->nervous. My mom started crying regularly, according to one of the care managers, in the afternoons when family isn't there. My grandmother though gets anti-depressants, and they don't solve her symptoms of being very upset and confused and crying and being agitated.


It doesn't help to live in a society that discards people when they are old and "unproductive." I think we'd decrease the incidence of both depression and Alzheimer's if our culture changed to see value beyond a person's productivity level, or if we could find ways to give people a sense of purpose into old age.

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