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September 17, 2006


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Gail Rae Hudson

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Excellent post! I'm sooo impressed with the way you have handled the confusion and and lack of information surrounding aging (conditions that can only get better, since we are, as a species, now focusing on aging through a variety of discliplines and perspectives). I love your easy flex between the personal and "professional". Further, I love the comparison to versions of software. Reminds me a bit of Kurzweil, who expects that, sometime in the future, we will remake ourselves into creatures relatively like those featured in the movie "AI". Not that I relish this possibility, but, you know, if the Antareans visit again and Mom and I take off with them, I'd love to come back here in a century or so and see what humans have done with this idea, or whether it's been scrapped.
And, you're right, I won't be starving my mother, although I OFTEN kid her about initiating marathon training. I do notice, though, which I always thought was one of those self-evident things that happens for everyone, regardless of age, that when she moves physically a little more than usual (which, often, is almost no movement at all), she grooves mentally; so maybe training for the Ironman isn't what's necessary, when working with someone whose activity level has been self-restricted (as with my mother) for so long. Maybe, just pushing, a little at a time, beyond previous levels, may have a much more salutary effect than we currently imagine.
Anyway, lots to think about, here, very clear directions. Clarity like this, in the midst of the mud bath of "What is Aging?" in which we're currently indulging is exactly what is needed!
Bravo, Mona!

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