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August 06, 2006


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I thought it was Neil Young for a minute!
Thanks so much for the interest in the Memory Lane Webring.
I'll be by to visit.
Jpeg looks nice...

be well,


Deb Peterson

Mona--What a great way to celebrate your Dad's birthday! I can tell from the picture that he had a wonderful sense of humor--anyone who loves animals like that is a hit in my book!


Mona - The brick is such a terrific idea! What a really wonderful present - and fitting memorial - for your dad.

Gail Rae Hudson

Although I read this post some days ago, I find myself continuing to recall the arresting picture of your father; and the fact that he's a Leo. Your Dad's spirit, as portrayed in this picture, reminds me so much of my mother's spirit when she's sporting her Elizabeth I tiara!
The defining mark of a life lived but ended is the spirit left behind; in minds, in hearts, in photographs. I feel like I knew your Dad, especially since I can't forget this picture, and feel assured that his was a life well lived. Thanks for posting it, Mona.

Bailey Stewart

What a great way to honor your father. It looks like he had a wonderful sense of humor - my favorite quality.

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