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July 30, 2006


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Deb Peterson

Mona--I found this extremely interesting! I think you've put many complex ideas together in a concise, readable text, with plenty of useful "hyper-citations." I was not aware that endocrinologists were looking at cell division as a potential trigger--I'll be waiting to hear more about this. I wonder if it might follow that in post-menopausal women, HRT might lessen the chances of CAA and Alzheimer's?

Linda Testerman

I am really interested in this. My mother is 81 and on the excelon patch. I have noticed that 1 week out of the month she is worse than the rest.She is much more forgetful. Her chin hairs grow longer and I would say that her progesterone is higher at this time. Has anything else been done? My email is : linda_testerman@yahoo.com

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